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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Filed Desires

I wanted to write poetry

I wanted to write poetry:
           poems profound
           insight-full illuminations (from Spirit)
           Soul psalms

I wanted to write words that
           mattered, meant something, made minor moments magical
           words that
           moted and e-moted

Instead I wrote worth-doubting words
           (of suspect standing)
           halting, stilted, and stunted
           from their birth in my overthinking mind
           words I forced into awkward positions
           that fell flat (dull) in the speaking, in the reading
           despite my arrogant attempts
           to make them stand upright
           to make them impressive, recognized, and loved

I wrote phrases--lacking merit--
           that gloried in their tenacious triteness
           that took pride in their hollow sounds and misplaced images
           that were falsely satiated in their pitiful emptiness

I chose subjects less mystical and more mediocre:
           mundane moments making efforts to be miraculous
           trying but failing to intelligently and intuitively show
                    rhythm and flow,
                    depth and light,
                    substance and Soul

Yes, I wanted to write poetry.
Instead I wrote this. 

Copyright © 2012 by Vicky Lynn Macchione

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