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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pointing at the Moon Goddess

The Moon Goddess

I am She
      Who reflects the sun's gold
            In her mirror of silver-white light;
      Whose waxing and waning face
            Marks the movement of months;
      Whose perfect timing
            Swells the ocean, then
            Subsides the tides.

I am the Goddess
      Who rules emotional seas, and
            Oceans of feelings;
      Who dives deep
            Into unconscious waters;
      Who shines her light of love
            Into your Soul's dark nights;
      Who points to the Source
           Of starlight ever present
                  In the wonder that is YOU!

I am She, the Goddess, the Moon.

"The Moon Goddess"
Collage and Poem 
Copyright © 2013 by Vicky Lynn Macchione
All rights reserved.