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Friday, July 2, 2010

Seeking Oneself

As far as I know, no one who knows me knows about this blog, so I feel much freer about writing what I want here. My other blog is about my art and I share my poetry, although not many people read that one either. But this one is about my feelings and the boundaries I want to break free of!

Lately I have been feeling extremely frustrated with people and myself. Actually, the fact that I am frustrated with anyone means I am frustrated with myself. I am tired of those who want to be right or think that they are enlightened and have arrived and want me to pay for the privilege of knowing them. I am tired of the fact that I am impressed by those people and fail to see who I really am, who we all really are. I am frustrated with the way people treat me and the way I allow them to treat me, as evidenced in a dream I had yesterday in which someone was urinating on me! What a telling dream.

I decided to write this post and just put it out there. None of this is a catastrophe except for the fact that if I find peace with myself the the world is more peaceful. But for right now, I am letting the frustration be here and realize that it is here to show me something that I need to know and to give me a door to the peace I want.

--Vicky :o)