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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Soul's Estate

 The Soul's Estate

Have all the words been written
That prescribe a Soul's estate?
Has Destiny chiseled an eternity
Firmly fixed in the greedy grasp of Fate?

Do Inner Lands--fields, hills, and moors
Exist and even grow?
Or does a finite rule restrict
The inheritance of a Soul?

Does the Soul's estate possess
One simple, solitary goal?
Or does the Universal stream
Offer profuse purposes as it flows?

Where is the Will and Testament
That allots the Soul its wealth?
Who is the Timeless Testator
From whom the Essential is dealt?

And if one chooses to disregard
The existence of a Soul,
Is the inheritance claimed
By Disbelief to pay that costly toll?

Does the Soul's estate exist
Or is it impossible to find?
Each answer creates the experiences
That pave the landscapes of a life.

Copyright © 2012 by Vicky Lynn Macchione

Note:  The background of the photo collage above was taken from a work of art by the talented artist Dorothy Fagan.  You can read more about her and see her lovely paintings on her web site.

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