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Friday, March 5, 2010

The dwelling place of happiness

Where does Happy dwell?
Where does It reside?
Is there a quiet space,
A place, for It to hide?
From us humans
who seek It,
desire It,
make deals with It
so that It will always abide,
with US.

If Happy could tell
us where It longs to rest and dwell,
where would be that sweet abode,
that quiet, silent space
It could call Its own,
It could call Home?

Would Happy simply say
to each of us who struggles each day
to find It and make It remain;
Would It simply say:
"Your Soul is my domain,
my resting place,
my truest home"?

What would Happy say?

--Vicky Lynn :o)

"Happiness dwells" collage
Copyright © 2010 by Vicky Lynn Macchione

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